Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, November 10

Word of the Week:  Honesty
Honesty means being truthful and sincere.  Think about how important it is to behave with honesty. Do you do the right thing when no one is looking? Do you listen to your inner voice guiding you to make the right choices? What does behaving with honesty look like? Let’s see how we can act with honesty in class!

REPORT CARDS are coming home today. Please sign the envelope and return only the envelope.  The rest is yours to keep!

We are on the best learning adventure in rooms 204 and 206.  In Writer’s Workshop we are nearing the end of our unit on Narrative Writing.  Students are learning to infuse dialogue into our narrative writing.  Specifically, we are understanding dialogue's purpose in literature and our own writing. We are leaning about the use dialogue tags and are becoming more aware of the use and abuse of common tags (e.g., said). We are putting 'said' to bed!  We are also focusing on adding transition words and phrases throughout our writing to help with organization and flow in our writing.  During reader’s workshop our focus is on explaining my point of view and how it might be different from the narrator's or character's point of view. Students have taken a spelling inventory and will soon begin spelling assignments.  In Science we just finished up our unit on Matter and Energy and will soon begin our unit on Magnetism and Electricity.  Finally, in Social Studies we continue our work with geography and map skills.  Soon we will be learning about government  Way to go TEAMFRITZIN!