Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday, November 12

Word of the Week: Trustworthy

***Trustworthiness means other people can count on you to do the right thing.  How do you show it at school, at home, in your daily interactions?  Find a way to show a friend, a parent, or anyone how trustworthy you are! Keep a secret, follow through on a commitment, or be a great friend to show you are trustworthy!  


We continue to be so busy learning in Rooms 204 and 206.  In Writer’s Workshop we are beginning our study of Persuasive Writing.  In addition, students are focused on leads and endings in their writing.  We are observing the way other writers engage their readers and we are working hard to do the same!  During reader’s workshop our focus is on illustrations and how they help us understand various types of text.  We are also working to compare and contrast the themes, settings and plots in various stories. Students are understanding the importance of word study (spelling) by understanding patterns in their assigned words as well as vocabulary in each of our subject areas.  In Science we are excited to get our study of Electricity and Magnetism underway.  Finally, in Social Studies we have begun our unit on Government.  Students are understanding the importance of having a government at various levels in our country.  Way to go TEAM FRITZIN!  


We will have a holiday celebration here at school on December 19th from 2:15-3:20 (including clean up).  You are free to join us for this exciting event in our classrooms!