Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday, January 12

Word of the Week: Caring
***Caring means thinking of others, offering a smile, a kind word, a compliment, and a listening ear.  How do you show it at school, at home, in your daily interactions?  Find a way to show a friend, a parent, or anyone how caring you are!
In Writer’s Workshop we have learned about the importance of writing quality comments.  We will be practicing this throughout the year on KidBlog.   We are also studying Persuasive Writing.  Persuasive/Personal Essay writing is a writing skill that our students can use throughout their lives.  They will learn strategies to help them become the best persuasive writers they can be.  For example, students will learn to understand the importance of knowing one’s audience and understand how writing can be adapted for different audiences and purposes.  They will learn to use constructive arguments to support their writing purpose.  In Reader’s Workshop, we continue to compare and contrast the themes, settings and plots in various stories. Students understand the importance of word study (spelling) by understanding patterns in their assigned words as well as vocabulary in each of our subject areas.  In our upcoming Science unit we will be studying Electricity and Magnetism.  Finally, in Social Studies we continue our study of Government.  Students are beginning to understand the importance of having a government at various levels in our country.  Way to go TEAM FRITZIN!