Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday, January 28

Word of the Week: Perseverance

***Perseverance means staying with the task and not giving up. You also show perseverance when you show commitment, pride and a positive attitude in completing tasks. It takes perseverance to fulfill your dreams. Try something again, even if you failed the first time. Remember you had to learn to walk before you could run!  What are ways you can show perseverance each day at BCS? 

"Be like a postage stampStick to one thing until you get there." - Josh Billings


We continue to be so busy learning in Rooms 204 and 206.  In Writer’s Workshop we are developing five paragraph persuasive essays. Students have taken a position on a chosen topic and are diving into the body of the essay and learning how to build arguments supported by facts and examples.  A portion of time is being spent researching our topic in the media center.  We’ve also learned the importance of matching arguments to an intended audience.  In addition, students are focused on building a thesis and strong conclusion in their writing.  All of this learning and writing will take place over the next few weeks until the finished essay comes home for you to see.  We know you will be impressed!!


 During reader’s workshop we continue to focus on reading our “just right” books and improving our fluency as well as our stamina.  Students are also analyzing persuasive stories, letters, and essays to assist with their work in Writer’s Workshop.   Students understand the importance of word study (spelling) by looking for patterns in their assigned words as well as important vocabulary in each of our subject areas.  


In Science we are excited to begin our study of Magnetism.  We will first observe the interaction of permanent magnets with a variety of common materials.  This will all begin when we are at the conclusion of our intensive study of government.


Finally, in Social Studies we are finishing up our government unit detailing the executive, judicial and legislative branches.  Students have worked collaboratively to create some great presentations on Kidblog to share what they’ve learned during our government study.  Ask your child to share this awesome work with you on their Kidblog!