Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday, October 10

Good afternoon!

Please check your child's Blue Take Home Folder each day to check for mail, homework, and important information.


PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD WITH A WATER BOTTLE!!! This helps a lot, so he/she does not have to leave the room when thirsty! Your child is also welcome to keep healthy snacks in our classroom to eat any time

Your child will have reading homework each night.  They are free to read anything they want as long as it is approved by you!
3rd Grade: 20 minutes 
4th Grade: 30 minutes

3rd Grade Math:  ThatQuiz tests due on Monday.  Xtra Math-complete 3 rounds

4th Grade Math:  We will get our Unit 1 test back tomorrow.  It is a long process to grade and enter the scores.  I appreciate your patience.  There is no homework due tomorrow.  Online tests are due on Wednesday, October 19th.  I have encouraged kids to study before taking each test and to have an adult do the typing for them.

Language Arts:  We are working hard on grammar and talking about all types of nouns.  We are also learning writing strategies to implement in our small moment writing.  We have learned to ask authors questions to help them add more details to their writing.

Social Studies:  We just completed our first unit on social scientists.  We will re-visit social studies soon!

Science:  We are so busy!  We have been talking about what scientists do and why it is so important for them to ask quality questions to guide their studies.  We also planted seeds in the hopes that seedlings will sprout for the tower garden we are going to build!  Ask your child to share the science paper in his/her blue folder!

Have a great night!!!