Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday, November 16

Tonight  and Thursday this week we look forward to seeing you at conferences!  Your kids will be dismissed from school at 11:30 on both days and busses will be available if they normally take the bus.  There will not be choice hour on those days.

Word of the Week:  HONESTY
We celebrate honesty in everything we do and honor those who have lived by this character trait!
Always choose honesty. Go TEAM!

Please check your child's Blue Take Home Folder each day to check for mail, homework, and important information.


PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD WITH A WATER BOTTLE!!! This helps a lot, so he/she does not have to leave the room when thirsty! Your child is also welcome to keep healthy snacks in our classroom to eat any time

Your child will have reading homework each night.  They are free to read anything they want as long as it is approved by you!
3rd Grade: 20 minutes
4th Grade: 30 minutes

Here’s What We Have for You Today:

Word Study: 
The current assignment is due Nov. 22.  We will take our class that day in class.  Please do not complete the final test at home.  The assignment should be signed and returned on Nov. 22.

Social Studies:  Yesterday your child brought home a review (it may need to be finished at home).  He/she should study this review until our quiz on December 1st.  Please sign the review before your child turns it in on December 1st

3rd Grade Math: 
Xtra Math-3 rounds
Thatquiz online due Monday (study your 8’s facts before taking the quiz)

To access Think Central:
Go to (linked under math on this blog)
Log in with this info on the drop down menu:
Birmingham Public School District
Birmingham Covington School
Check the ‘remember me’ box
Username with tc at the start (ex.tcsb07) password  (animal)
Click My Scores - The most recent test will be at the top

4th Grade Math: 
Please get your test signed if you did not already do so.  Hop on Compass today and complete 10 minutes of any math lesson you choose!  Online tests are due this Friday the 18th.

Language Arts:  Recently we finished reading Stone Fox as a class.  We watched the movie and compared it to the novel which was different in many ways.  In our reading, we are learning to take charge of our own comprehension.  We are also continuing our writing work on small moments and narratives.  We are also working on envisioning scenes from our reading and trying to write in a way that allows our readers to envision our writing.  Finally, in our independent reading time, we are using all of our reading skills to help us improve our reading stamina.  We are working hard!

Social Studies: 
We are thinking like geographers as we learn how to read maps.  We will learn about the compass rose, parts of a globe, hemispheres, latitude and longitude, make grids, keys/legends, political maps, and population maps. 

Science:  We love our tower garden!!!  All of our seedlings are all in and we are excited to watch them grow in the tower garden over the next few weeks.  Mint was transplanted from soil to our garden and we are making careful observations as it makes the transition to the aeroponic garden.  We share this garden with other classes who will put the finishing touches on it this week!  We are having the best time learning what successful scientists do!

***Often we post things on our class SeeSaw accounts as well on our Google Classroom accounts.  Ask your child to show you what he/she has done so far!