Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday, November 2

Proud Dad’s Dash: 
Bring lunch for your child and plan on eating with them in the cafeteria during their lunch time- 11:45 to 12:25, according to the WAG. **We are not the first lunch of the day. This means there will be parents of the first lunch time slot at school and the parking is very, very tough. Be prepared and give yourself time. You will have to wait until 11:45 to go into the cafeteria, so don’t arrive too early. You will wait outside the office until the appropriate time. 

CONFERENCES: Click the sign-up button at the TOP RIGHT of the blog page (you must view the web version of the blog if using a mobile device) and choose your child's homeroom. There is one slot per student so please pick the time that best fits your schedule.

Reflections Contest:  The theme is “What is Your Story?”
·         Deadline for entry is Friday, Nov. 11th
·         Turn in entries to the drop box in the Media Center
·         Rules and entry form available on bcsonline (under What’s New)
·         All participants are invited to a pizza lunch in the spring
·                     Contact Mrs. Patterson with questions:
·                     BCS Reflections info with rules and entry form
·                     National PTA overview

The ¾ team is looking for 3 (or more) volunteers per homeroom to help with the ¾ book room.  We are looking for volunteers that can come in 1 hour/ twice a month for help shelve, organize, and label the books in our leveled book room.  Please email Mrs. Harvath if you are interested in volunteering.

Word of the Week:  POSITIVITY
 Your attitude determines how you live your life.
Always choose a positive attitude. Go TEAM!

Good afternoon!

Please check your child's Blue Take Home Folder each day to check for mail, homework, and important information.


PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD WITH A WATER BOTTLE!!! This helps a lot, so he/she does not have to leave the room when thirsty! Your child is also welcome to keep healthy snacks in our classroom to eat any time

Your child will have reading homework each night.  They are free to read anything they want as long as it is approved by you!
3rd Grade: 20 minutes
4th Grade: 30 minutes

Get Review Signed/Due Friday (study guide coming home today)
Test Friday   

3rd Grade Math: 
3rd Grade Math: HR 2-4 –even only - 3 times per week. Complete a full work session, which lasts about 5-10 mins (until Mr. C says you are done!) 
Thatquiz online due Monday – focus on x/4 (practice first!)

To access Think Central:
Go to (linked under math on this blog)
Log in with this info on the drop down menu:
Birmingham Public School District
Birmingham Covington School
Check the ‘remember me’ box
Username with tc at the start (ex.tcsb07) password  (animal)
Click My Scores - The most recent test will be at the top

4th Grade Math: 
JP 75 (2-7) and JP 76
Online tests due 11/9/16

Language Arts:  In our reading, we are learning to take charge of our own comprehension.  We are also continuing our writing work on small moments and narratives.  We are also working on envisioning scenes from our reading and trying to write in a way that allows our readers to envision our writing.  We also started reading “Stone Fox” as a class and we are enjoying it!  Finally, in our independent reading time, we are using all of our reading skills to help us improve our reading stamina.  We are working hard!

Social Studies:  We just completed our first unit on social scientists.  We will re-visit social studies soon!

Science:  We love our tower garden!!!  All of our seedlings are all in and we are excited to watch them grow in the tower garden over the next few weeks.  Mint was transplanted from soil to our garden and we are making careful observations as it makes the transition to the aeroponic garden.  We share this garden with other classes who will put the finishing touches on it this week!  We are having the best time learning what successful scientists do!

***Often we post things on our class SeeSaw accounts as well on our Google Classroom accounts.  Ask your child to show you what he/she has done so far!