Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday, December 16

Here is a note from our Winter Party Coordinator:
My name is ILDI IONASCU (Adrian's mom) and I volunteered to coordinate this upcoming event. 
Our classroom Winter Party will take place on Thursday, December 22 from 2:20-3:20PM. This will be a combined party for both Mrs. Frishman's and Mrs. Butzin's classroom.
In an effort to run this party as smoothly as possible, I am reaching out to you to kindly remind you that I will be collecting all the food /party supplies on December 22. You may choose to leave your contribution at the office in the morning, send it in with your child, or bring it yourself at the party. If you opt to bring your contribution at the party please make sure that you arrive at least 15-20 minutes earlier.

In the words of our students, “Variety Feeds Detroit is an organization that provides children with food to last weekends or breaks. Some children rely on the school for food, and this organization makes sure that students don’t go hungry on days that they don’t have the school food to eat. You can help give these children food by donating Mott’s fruit snacks (small 0.8oz size package). Variety Feeds Detroit will then assemble backpacks full of our fruit snacks, and other items from different schools. These backpacks will then be given to children who need that food, whether it is for a break, a weekend, or something else.  Drop off your Mott’s Fruit Snacks (0.8oz size) in the bins by the front office.”
DRAW is a disaster relief organization that helped with events such as hurricane Sandy and they need your help. DRAW is trying to collect many items to help families affected by disasters. You can help these families by bringing in:
·         Scouring pads/sponges/scrub brushes,
·         cleaning towels,
·         liquid laundry detergent (25 or 50 oz),
·         household liquid cleaner (added to water, not spray bottle),
·         dish soap,
·         clothes line/clothes pins,
·         dust masks,
·         disposable waterproof gloves,
·         work gloves with leather palms,
·         heavy duty trash bags (33-45 gallons),
·         insect repellent spray,
·         air freshener (aerosol or pump), and
·         hand sanitizer
Drop off these items in the bins by the front office.”  Once again, our collection drive begins Monday, December 5 and ends Tuesday, December 20.  Our students thank you in advance for your support of their drive.
Character Connections Word of the week: TRUSTWORTHY
Trustworthiness means other people can count on you to do the right thing.  I show trustworthiness when others count on me to do what I say I will do.  I show trustworthiness by always returning items I have borrowed.     Go TEAM!

Please check your child's Blue Take Home Folder each day to check for mail, homework, and important information.


PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD WITH A WATER BOTTLE!!! This helps a lot, so he/she does not have to leave the room when thirsty! Your child is also welcome to keep healthy snacks in our classroom to eat any time

Here’s What We Have for You Today:
Reading Homework:
3rd Grade: 20 minutes
4th Grade: 30 minutes

Language Arts:
Get editing letter signed and return on Monday.  Edit personal narrative with a parent on google classroom.  (see letter for directions and checklist)

3rd Grade Math: 
One line test due Tuesday.  Practice first!!
Xtra Math

To access Think Central:
Go to (linked under math on this blog)
Log in with this info on the drop down menu:
Birmingham Public School District
Birmingham Covington School
Check the ‘remember me’ box
Username with tc at the start (ex.tcsb07) password  (animal)
Click My Scores - The most recent test will be at the top

4th Grade Math:  
Test Letter
Compass Math 15 minutes
Online tests due 12-19-16 (study first and record scores)

Language Arts: 
In writer’s workshop, we are continuing our writing work on small moments and personal narratives.  Our writers are adding in dialogue and onomatopoeia to spice their writing up even more!  We continue to focus on incorporating sensory details into our writing.  We are also learning to add leads and endings to our narratives.  In reader's workshop, we are learning to take charge of our own comprehension.  Finally, in our independent reading time, we are using all of our reading skills to help us improve our reading stamina.  We are working hard!

Social Studies:  
We continue to think like geographers as we learn how to read maps.  We are learning about map grids, hemispheres, latitude and longitude, keys/legends, political maps,  population maps an creating our own map grid, key/legend.  

Our study of force and motion is an exciting one!  We are learning about how objects change position when they move; the effects that mass, friction, gravity, and magnetism have on motion.  We are also learning the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces while incorporating these scientific words into our vocabulary:  force, friction, gravity, magnetism, motion, position and speed.

***Often we post things on our class SeeSaw accounts as well on our Google Classroom accounts.  Ask your child to show you what he/she has done so far!